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    So first you should find a goal, take the medal as the goal. For example, if you first aim for the basic level r medal, and want to achieve this medal, then you need to master many basic requirements related to this medal, and you can accumulate experience in this way. quickly in this process. With your own experience and good computing power, your computing power can increase significantly! Therefore, sometimes you not only go to kill enemies to steal computing power, or buy computing power to increase computing power, gaining experience is also to make up for your own shortcomings in computing power. For example, even though my calculation ability is 18 points, I have never condensed the cup that you condensed before, so it was the same during the starting process. condensation, you have to push the boat smoothly, and you can naturally complete the condensation of the cup with just a little computing power, but for me, I still need to keep trying.” Therefore, relying on medals, gaining experience from them is a very important thing, and after you have medals, your ability to protect yourself will also increase! Because Zhanzheng Academy's medal is very valuable. As for the basic R-grade medal, After having this medal, you basically don't need to worry about being secretly killed by others, the center will be forced to search on a large scale because of your death, and this kind of consequence is not something others can bear. If you can get the S-level medal, you can do more things. At least even if you don't do anything every month, the center will have basic computing power to supplement you. You can do more. More stability increases your computing ability."

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    Vuong Han's soul said he understood, but Vuong Han's mind was confused. I understood the truth, what happened next? Then what should I do?

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    Vuong Han did not talk nonsense, pushed the door and went out. At this time, Lanning Xiaoxi also came out of the room. Lanning Xiaoxi saw Wang Han go out and was extremely surprised. No one knew Wang Han's identity, but she know. It, so she doesn't think that Vuong Han will go around, especially now that Vuong Han has no ability to calculate, don't think that paying tuition can do anything in the academy, this is just a way. Admission ticket. , there are a lot of paid content in the back... Then it's better than Vuong Han honestly not having the ability to calculate in the room, "Wang..."

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    "So what should we do now? We can't just let Lanning Wanghan continue to practice like this?" Li Luyuan couldn't help but ask.

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    Ah! You naturally know! Lam Ninh Tieu Hi was stunned, truly stunned, looking at the person in front of her in disbelief, "Say you're smart, you don't even know the heart of horror, calling you stupid." , but you even understand the relationship between soul and mind!"

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    "Especially when you use source quality to write a huge result, once the result is wrong, you may doubt your life for a moment..."

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    "Ha ha, who told you that you can directly absorb the enemy's computational ability? Absorbing souls and absorbing computational energy are two different things, simply absorbing souls is not need to think to absorb that kind of soil. In fact, this is too simple. It's just that This is meaningless. The key is that it is not easy to absorb the computing power that originates from the thinking soul. Do you have You may think that you have absorbed other people's souls before, but have you absorbed other people's thoughts? You must know that thinking is very powerful in everything, so that some of these naturally existing things can directly expands even the Life Stone, so are you the Life Stone? Do you have as many support machines as the Life Stone? Are you in the Empty Sea? ? "

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    After all, Lanning Xiaoxi knew in advance that Wang Han's calculation ability was as high as a thousand points, it was understandable that this kind of thing could be done with this kind of number, but Mi Qiyun and Mi Qixin were completely different! The two of them walked next to Lanning Xiaoxi. Just now they planned to go with her to Lanning Wang Han, go out to eat together, and then if there is a chance, Mi Qiyun and Mi Qixin still want to meet To see if Lanning Wanghan accepts them are a pair of sisters or not, and if Lanning Wanghan accepts them, then tonight will definitely be a sleepless night, and they have made up their minds, as long as Lanning Wang Han agrees, then they will definitely let Lanning Wang Han knows that there are many new tricks in this world!

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    "Tsk tsk! How arrogant!" After Vuong Han left the stage and building, he immediately saw a planet in the center. All the other states and districts are built around this planet, and you can see the horror of the entire planet in the alliance of the entire state and district, and what is more arrogant is the entire planet giant is just a War Academy... So Don't ask me where the War Academy is. Once you get to this core planet, this is the War Academy. It was the War Academy that created this planet, not this planet that created the War Academy.

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    Still can't find it? Where is he hiding? We've been searching for the demon beast for so many years, but we still haven't found his trace. This person seems to have disappeared directly, if it weren't because we just wiped out one of our strongholds on the coast. directly killed our sixteen companions, using his ability to disappear, we will directly judge him as dead! about to collapse, "And you know what! When we realized that there was something wrong in this matter, what was his fighting power at that time? The fighting power was only about a thousand points! So that's it. A kind of dregs of existence. At that time, if all our clansmen rushed forward to find him without dead ends, then perhaps it wouldn't be impossible to find him! But now? This person's combat power has reached this level of 100,000, there is a super -s existence, the companions were killed a while ago, the cultivation of these companions has been the backbone of their faction. me!!”

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    But why do I feel like the path I'm currently on is just a kind of thinking? Vuong Han quickly passed through the void, stunned, he now mastered the pure way of flying, the original way. The life inside the life stone, having calculated the program, it was not difficult for him to run directly, then he thought about the quality source... well... this thing is everywhere, there must be a source. quality, but I want to see the source quality still have to use computing power to calculate the method... Fortunately, Wang Han has been controlling these things for a long time, "Now that I think about it, how lucky that Qianqian didn't leave with me, otherwise it would seem that I am very strong now. But to tell the truth, I am now a scum in terms of computing power, so when faced with the attack of other people, I might not be able to resist at all.. Then imagine if a-3 saw this. Sometimes I don't know what I would think... Or maybe a-3 would cry when he knew I have twins... Unlike twins in normal biomes, this one of mine is for two people. The computing power is average, it's not very strong, and now it's even even weaker.

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    Lan Ning Xiaoxi said seriously: "As for source quality... source quality... let alone source quality is source quality, and there are no adjectives to describe it. As for that source quality part Could it be that I don't understand, in fact it's not a particularly important thing, it's too difficult, too many things are not as simple as they seem, there are many things that are even hidden behind the scenes! ”

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    "... Can they still be the same?" Lanning Xiaoxi smiled bitterly in surprise, "You don't do it because you're too lazy to deal with this kind of thing, but other people don't dare, that's another matter."

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    "There are many questions like this. These are all things I need to consider, but mere thinking is useless. It will take some time to examine."

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    The evaluation of the R-level medal requires evaluation of several things, one is the basic soul, two is the basic thinking, two is the comprehensive calculation ability, and finally there is a secondary issue called comprehension. . source. There are two types of testing. One way, one way is to evaluate actual combat, that is to find a teacher to fight on the spot. If the teacher can do it well and the teacher has used the power of the R level medal under the supervision of the center, then the assessment will pass, the school's students will immediately receive the medal Grade R. Second, the examination is distributed. It's like there are four subjects. If you want to pass four subjects within 10 years, you can get a Grade R medal.

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    Moreover, this feeling came and went very quickly. He did not feel that his power was so strong. After realizing it, he ran around the tunnel again! In this circle, Vuong Han noticed some stains left on the ground. With their current crazy speed, it only took about a minute or two to go around the remnants of a fist. , this is still based on relative terms. Be cautious, otherwise, if you unleash your full power, you can completely surround this place in 20 to 30 seconds.

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    “So what do you want to say?” Vuong Han was puzzled.

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    After listening, Vuong Han nodded, knowing that the calculation ability could be tested for free. As for giving the small light ball in the testing center a free test, he would not believe it, even though he had previously does not have the ability to calculate, but Ninh Tieu Hi's Lan Cha consumed 10,000 calculation power in one breath, this is not free at all, but if that's the case, now he doesn't need to stay here anymore. “Okay, then I'm going to test the computing power, and when I come back, can I ask you directly if I have any questions?”